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Prior Deluxe Jade Elite 3500 Massage Bed

Prior Deluxe Jade Elite 3500 Massage Bed

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CODE: JE 3500

List price: $3,699.00
Our price: $1,895.00
You save: $1,804.00 (49%)

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NEW Prior Deluxe Jade Elite 3500 Massage Bed
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 Prior Deluxe Jade Infrared Massage bed
compares to
Sensa Satori Lightspeed 3500 Massage bed.

Prior has 5 Upper Rollers and 4 Lower rollers covering 72 vertical inches of the body. Ceragem covers 32" and Migun covers 62"

Sensa Select has a 3 year Warranty, on the frame, 90 days on the mattresses. Priro has 3 years on the frame, one year on the mattresses,

Healing at the Speed of Light - Jade acts as a powerful transformer, changing light from technologically advanced helium projector bulbs into a special wavelength of light called Far Infrared. This Far Infrared light delivers an unprecedented deep-tissue body penetration of several inches. As such, it can reach the major organs and deep muscle tissue more effectively (LightSpeed) and safer than any other form of heat and light.

Detoxification, moxibustion, and healing relief all over the body from ailments such as:
Muscle spasms,Aches and pains, headaches &
Poor or low body circulation.
Heavy metal poisoning (dental mercury fillings, etc)
Excess fatty tissue
Relieve Stress, Tension, Anxiety
Increase Circulation
Stimulate lymphatic system to Flush Toxins
Tone & Firm
Soothing Massage
Relieve constipation
Relieve water retention, swelling
Boost Immune System
Spinal column and Vertebrae stimulation/align the spine.

(Statements made above have not been evaluated by the FDA)

The Chiropractic Masseuse - The LightSpeed massage bed works to relieve back problems and chronic posture related symptoms by reducing muscle spasms and promoting correct vertebrae alignment. When the muscles are intensely bathed in deep tissue LightSpeed rays, they relax and release toxins that would otherwise block the body's natural restorative blood flow. Maximum full-body circulation and relaxation is afforded by the exclusive deep rolling massage in both the upper and lower body regions. As the muscles relax, natural Chiropractic adjustments occur within the skeletal frame, encouraging healthy and proper re-alignment of the spine and easier manipulation in practice by the Chiropractic Professional.

Immediate Relief, Relaxation, Health & Vitality - The combination of comprehensive deep-tissue roller manipulation and deep-tissue body penetration of Far Infrared light & heat (LightSpeed) work to significantly realign the body to a more healthy and balanced chemistry and posture. Energy and Chi flow is enhanced through this manipulation and Chi-radiation; pressure on nerves is relieved, toxins eliminated, skeletal alignment improved, and blood flow to all extremities optimized. This assists the regenerative ability of the body's own natural healing and immunological defense systems, aiding Chiropractic Professionals and their patients in achieving a newfound level of relaxation, recovery, vitality and satisfaction within their clinics and homes.
Exclusive Spinal Curve Adaptive Technology - Automatically adjusts to every body shape and contour.
4 Lower Body Jade Rollers
5 Upper Body Jade Rollers
11 Hand held Jade Infrared Nodes
Spine Adaptiver Roller System
Digital Timer
Full Body Heat 0- 120 F
Incredible 72" rolling range
weighs 200 pounds comes in 3 boxes
Price $1895.00 Includes free shipping in USA

Three (3) Year Warranty (Frame parts)

30-Day Moneyback Guarantee - Our guarantee to you ensuring your satisfaction with our products.

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